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Fun with AR: Strangers on a (BART) Train

Augmented reality poses all kinds of exciting opportunities for gaming and advertising alike. However, we sometimes like to ignore those and think about what can go horribly, horribly wrong. (Click for a readable size.)
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Design’s gray areas

Color blindness affects about ten percent of the human population. Which means if you're a commercial artist, someone out there has had to interpret your work in grayscale.
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Imagine a world where everything fits right. And matches.

Take that, stupid Ikea coffee table that I'm always stubbing my toe on.
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PayPal’s convenient, yet germaphobically horrifying vision of the future.

I already use hand sanitizer after looking at the 38 Geary. Movie posters that have probably been pissed on are not going to be my preferred point of sale.
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The ultimate user interface

Interaction isn’t just HUDs and flash games. It’s the means by which we experience things. And I would like to experience 0 to 62 in 3.4 seconds behind the wheel of this bad boy. Via If it’s Hip, It’s Here.
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Why advertising and video games are the perfect filler for this rad Venn diagram I made

Everyone loves video games. Everyone hates ads. Maybe there's something we can both learn from each other.
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