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Monkey presses button monkey gets reward.

The mouse has been around for 40 years and all we tend to do with it is move it from anchor to anchor and click the thing like a primate trapped in a feedback loop. Monkey presses button. Monkey gets reward. Modern interaction design suggests greater possibilities, but that’s just theory. In practice we use […]
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Creating the right environment for life

What do viral marketing, social gaming and biology have in common?
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The power of individuals (or at least individual billionaires)

Governments all over the world are seeming less and less capable of solving the major issues facing our world. Why?
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Electronic wallpaper probably won’t kill you if your house floods

Made out of tin foil, copper paint and the tears of cabaret stars, this wallpaper is a prime example of how the things we deal with every day (like toasters and thermostats) can be better with an awesome user interface. I would combine this with wireless power and finally do away with all cords and […]
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Yahoo is doin it rong

1. Give up on search. Yeah, it makes me kinda sad, too. Search is just not your thing, Yahoo. Your thing is homepages.
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Girls with ice cream truck make us wish real Photoshop glasses were actually possible

As if we haven’t all already effing thought of this. Found on Leo Burnett Blog.
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An argument in favor of creativity

The biggest ideas don't do crap if they don't have one thing: an audience.
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