An argument in favor of creativity

Ideas are great. We love ideas. Ideas improve our lives, make us think, make us better people and sometimes make us rich. They can change the course of humanity. They can make you order a tuna sandwich instead of a salami sandwich. But the biggest ideas don’t do crap if they don’t have one thing: an audience.

How do you get an audience? The first step is finding them and putting your idea where they can hear it. That requires money. (Or volunteers. Or… “volunteers”.)

The second step is getting the audience to listen. That requires creativity. Why creativity? Why not more exclamation marks or a bigger logo or louder yelling?

Because people need to be effing entertained.

Take it to the bridge, Stephen:

I <3 you, Wired. Thanks for showing us the awesome video.

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    You are so awesome for helping me solve this mtyersy.

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