What the hell is the Conversation Economy, part 1

Jesus loved conversations. And dinosaurs. Man would I like to have a beer with that dude.

Jesus loved conversations. And dinosaurs. Man would I like to have a beer with that dude.

It’s been called the biggest social revolution since Jesus. (By me, for dramatic effect.) It’s also been called glorified data entry. (By Gary.) And it’s been called a lot of other things, too. (By literally everyone else in the entire world.) Call it whatever you want, but we all know how freaking huge social media is. The only question is, “What the hell do I do with this thing?”

Answer 1) The same thing everyone else does with it: stalk people.

Answer 2) The same thing your mom does with it: post inappropriate questions in inappropriate places because you never answer your phone.

Answer 3) The same thing your favorite FB friends do with it: post awesome content that’s relevant to you and comment back on your awesome, relevant content. (And of course your own content is always awesome and relevant.)

Btw we discussed this and reached a unanimous consensus: Borg ftw!

Btw we discussed this and reached a unanimous consensus: Borg ftw!

Inevitably, all three have and will be done by anyone looking to make/raise/con you out of a buck. Answer 3, however, is where we have a real conversation.

The awesome thing about conversations isn’t what you can tell people. It’s what they can tell you. And this is what many advertisers are just beginning (or have failed completely) to realize. Social media goes two ways, and that’s fantastic.

Everyone has ideas. Do most of them suck? Always. But ideas are a free, unlimited resource. You can now get them from anyone, anywhere, at any time. And here’s the thing your clients aren’t gonna like hearing: ideas are more important than money.

Organizations don’t exist because they want to make money. They exist to fill a need. When they stop filling a need, guess what, they go out of business. Profits are a means to an end – and failing to realize that is what’s frakked over our economy. Over and over again. Yes, ideas can make you rich. More importantly, they make other ideas. It’s called conversation, and it uses and creates profit the way plants use our pollution and give us fresh air to make more pollution with.

With social media, conversation has finally become an equal force to profit. A conversation can make or break a business. Fostering it isn’t just smart, it’s the only thing that’s going to make our economy sustainable.

And that’s all I have time for today. What’s in part 2? I don’t know yet. I need to go have a conversation first.

Thanks to MortarBlog for teh think.

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