Augmented reality gets fun and sexy in SF

Imagine if you could go back in time to some exhibit on this awesome new thing people are doing with computers where you have a little bar and it pushes a little dot across the screen and then another bar pushes it back. And it seems really awesome and everything, but you can just tell that this is only beginning of a new technology and these fools have no idea where that crap is gonna be in five years. Neither do you – but you’re pretty sure it’ll be faster, prettier, and more relevant. Now imagine the exhibit is full of Swiss art students with free chardonnay and AR instead of Pong and you’ve got the Give Me More augmented reality showcase at swissnex last night.

We checked it out, got wasted and took some crappy cell phone pictures for you. You’re welcome.

The clouds aren't actually there.

This was a a basic AR/projector setup that let you interact with some floating clouds. It was strangely calming, and made us really, really wish we had a projector at home. Clouds or no.

Sophie with some augmented reality rain falling on her

T-shirts that do stuff ftw. Imagine the secret T-shirt messages you could program into a mobile app that does this.

Camille Scherrer's Le Monde des Montagnes

Le monde des montagnes, a freaking adorable book by Camille Scherrer, 25 year-old adorable European AR nerd, made me wish I could read French. Also, speak it enough to be witty and impress her.

Camille Scherrer's Le monde des montagnes

No seriously, the book is CUTE.

"Cashback" is augmented reality fun with money

I promised sexy didn’t I? You pop a euro on this thing and a stripper shows up. Check out the video.

In conclusion, awesome job swissnex and everyone else involved, thanks for the booze, and I can’t wait to see what these artists are doing in five years. Just promise me it won’t be Video Olympics.

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