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What casual gaming can teach us about educating underprivileged women

Getting women to school has been the challenge that organizations like The Girl Effect have been contemplating for years. But maybe the answer isn't school at all.
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5 creative lessons I learned from living in San Francisco

Featuring original crappy mouse-and-paint art by Thea.
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Mag+ makes magazines sexy again. (In the future.)

I'd be happy to see them all burn and go on with my RSS feeds and my carpal tunnel. But then along comes Mag+.
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5 industry bloggers I would love to have a drink with

Yes, I know I actually spend more time reading my own blog than anyone else's because I'm a self-absorbed egomaniac copywriter. But you should still check these guys out.
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The best advertising doesn’t sell. It makes stuff better.

Advertising sucks. The ads you think don't suck have parts that aren't advertising, and those are the parts that don't suck.
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Farmville vs. Everything

Farmville vs. Everything. 2004 - present day
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The rise of infographics and the future of search

The kind of search you can use when you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Which Google sucks at.
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