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Rat Race 2020: “Let’s start with the assumption that people are amazing.”

Four-day work weeks? Wii Marketing? Robot slaves? What will work be like ten years from now?
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Every other unboxing video ever has just been totally pwned by ninjas

It's a video with ninjas. Just freakin click it.
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A napping UX win

There's really only one thing to blog about on a cold, stormy day, waiting for the dryer to finish so you can curl up in some warm pajamas with a hot chocolate and finish reading Diamond Age: a cozy, space-age sleeping cocoon.
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Farmville 2020: Day of the Triffids

Its 2020. The building I live in has a vertical farm on the 5th floor deck. The garden is filled with sensors that make it a part of the larger Internet of Things. The sensors feed farming simulations that my neighbors and I play like a game. The garden feeds the people who play with […]
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Designers, ask yourself: “What would bacteria do?”

Two geeks, after nine hours in the air, one missed connecting flight home, and two Coronas, stuck in Calgary. Someone, inevitably, brings up programmable nanotech.
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Decoding digital art – and the nature of art itself – at the V+A

Thoughts on the digital art exhibit at V&A from Thea, Gary, and Richard Franke of EA Criterion.
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