Farmville 2020: Day of the Triffids


Its 2020. The building I live in has a vertical farm on the 5th floor deck. The garden is filled with sensors that make it a part of the larger Internet of Things. The sensors feed farming simulations that my neighbors and I play like a game. The garden feeds the people who play with it. The work we do in the garden affects the game and the stuff we do in the game (scheduling, helping, shopping, customization, etc.) affects the awesomeness of the garden.

Last month we installed a microclimate upgrade. Expensive setup, but the building next door gifted us with it. We have a level 12 farm but theirs is level 20! We’ve always traded with them – chores, products and in this case, expertise. I only started playing recently. I’m only level 4, but I was able to help those guys by fixing a leak in their SlurryCarb™ network. Raw biomass venting into city water – yikes! So they’re pretty grateful :)

Our little farm has been enjoying serious pageviews from stories about our badass ecological rescue mission. Its nice to be in the spotlight for a while and everyone gained XP – those who helped and those who asked for help. Pretty sure we’ll be leveling up soon. Just as soon as we harvest these triffids.

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  1. Ricardo
    Posted January 10, 2010 at 15:28 | Permalink

    Ha! Love it! When does the Facebook game come out?!?!?

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