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Email must die

We're all getting more connected all the time. More connections equals more communications. Too many communications and we get nothing else done.
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New swarm display could replace fireworks – if it exploded

MIT’s Flyfire promises a lot of things. 3d digital displays. Ads that can stalk you in a dark alley. The most awesome UFO hoaxes ever. But will it replace fireworks? NEVER.
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How outsourced content could save magazines and piss off a lot of content writers

Is the shift from branded content to contented brand really practical?
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How Many Billboards: MAK Center replaces crappy ads with crappy art

Artists in LA apparently have to buy ad space just get anyone to look at their work.
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6 things you could do with mobile radar (that probably won’t kill anyone)

It's a great tool for telling how fast some guy pacing around in your office is going, robot armor and smart windshield HUDs. But what else could it be used for?
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The copywriter/art director team for the digital ad agency

Can we make the old team dynamic apply to the unique challenges of digital?
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Personalized advertising and the end of the salesman

In advertising, we've spent a lot of energy researching consumers. Unfortunately the new technologies we've created to learn all we can about consumers are about to screw us over.
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