You have no freaking idea how much I want glowing wallpaper

Glowing Wallpaper via GOOD.

In it’s latest incarnation, electronic wallpaper is more practical than ever. The fact that it isn’t available enough yet to put in our wedding registry, however, is infuriating. There are so many things we would do with this.

Here’s ten:

1. Have awesome frakking wallpaper.

2. Put it in fireplace mode and cuddle.

3. Play Halo on our frakking wall.

4. Not have to hang a stupid projector from our ceiling.

5. Watch Avatar again. On our WALL.

6. Put it in forest mode and let the bunnies run around without worrying about them chewing on the lamp cord.

7. Make it display a blank wall. Just for kicks.

8. Make it display a crowded room during parties so they feel extra happenin’. Someone in the display would be going just a little overboard so everyone else feels less awkward.

9. Cat toy +++.

10. Throw virtual parties with our friends who have it too. “Hey Sophie!” “Hey Thea!” “Dude you’re flat!” “Whatever, you’re flat!” “Cheers!” (Hopefully it won’t get damaged by the occasional toast.)

There’s more, but no one likes reading lists that are longer than 10 things, so I’ll save them.

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