How user experience design will kill the technology gap

I came across an article in h+ that mentioned “a gap between those that can keep up with the pace of technological acceleration and those that can’t”. I find this gap irrelevant for two reasons:

1. As technology improves, so does its user interface. The most advanced, newest gadgets are the easiest to use. This is no accident. It’s because of people called “designers”.

UXD FTW. Srsly.

2. The accelerating rate of returns will eventually lead us to a place where production is free and anyone can do it. At that point, economic and generational barriers become irrelevant, and the only reason you don’t have that new anti-gravity skateboard yet is because you’re just too stoned to get up and turn on the matter compiler.

Of course in the meantime, it’s a shame that housewives in sub-Saharan Africa can’t have iPhones, but on the plus side, Generation Omega seems to be well qualified to get us there sometime before 2030.

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