6 things you could do with mobile radar (that probably won’t kill anyone)

Mobile radar is (supposedly) here:

Obviously it’s a great tool for telling how fast some guy pacing around in your office is going. Also, robot armor and smart windshield HUDs. But what else could this possibly be used for?

1. AR racing games. With actual racing! My Hotwheels versus your Hotwheels. Cat versus dog. Little Timmy versus the lawnmower. Anything can now be raced with accurate 3rd party judging right on your mobile phone, including the mobile phone itself!

2. An app that knows when it’s raining and tells you the closest place to buy an umbrella. This sounds boring and lame compared to the others, but next time it starts raining on you, you’ll wish you had this. You know it’s true.

3. An app that knows when you’re running and shows you the best place to catch a cab, buy pepper spray, or take cover in a gunfight.

4. An app that alerts you when cars/bullets/freakishly fast zombies/dinosaurs are coming at you. The alert would have to be sort of urgent for this to be effective. Maybe an electric shock?

5. Gambling. Mobile radar generates another set of statistics on the world around you. What else do non-marketing people use statistics for, really?

6. Outdoorsy stuff. You’re in a forest. There’s obviously tons of animals around, (duh, it’s a forest,) but where the eff are they? Mobile radar will show you! You might even find Bigfoot.

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