How to use a blog to turn your monstrosity of a website into something nice

Let’s say you have, oooooh, for instance, a giant global corporation with a ton of different departments focused on different things, directed at different audiences, with a crapload of whitepapers and charts and comparisons and graphs and who the hell knows what else that random department heads and ad agencies have added over the years.

This rabbit is named after Captain Picard. He needs love, content management.

Or, maybe you have a little non-profit animal rescue organization, with news updates, adoptable animal profiles, pet care advice, and adoption stories, all updated by different volunteers.

Maybe you have something in-between. Either way, you have a buttload of information and it’s only getting harder and harder for the people who need it most to find.

Here’s a quick and dirty solution:

Slap a blog on your homepage and get tagging.

Someone comes looking for an eco-friendly business solution? Hey look, there’s a “hippy crap for your business” category! Someone wants a cute orange fuzzy kitten? Lucky for them, you have 25 posts tagged “fuzzy”. Woo!

The important thing about doing this is that all the information is accessible from the same place. This not only makes it easier for anyone visiting your site to find what they need, it also makes it easier for your volunteers/marketing people/middle managers to add advice/product launches/videos/whatever the hell else could possibly be relevant or interesting – and it makes it easier to track, edit, update and delete.

Some great examples:

Evolution Bereau

Big Spaceship

Gary‘s new portfolio website

There are all kinds of awesome content management systems out there – blogs are one kind that tend to be particularly easy to use for people who would otherwise have no idea what they were doing. WordPress isn’t so bad. (That’s what we use.)

If you’ve used any other super-easy-free content management systems, or have seen another great example of an organization that’s done this, please post it in the comments section.

(P.S. Picard is a real rabbit up for adoption at SaveABunny. Also, adorable.)

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