About Us

Hi. We’re Gary and Thea – game UX designer and advertising copywriter. We get together on smoke breaks to talk about our industries, how they relate, and how they can be made better. This blog is here to share that conversation with you.

We believe that ideas are a free, unlimited resource, and the more we hear, the more we have. So please feel encouraged to contribute to the conversation by commenting or emailing us.

If you’re wondering whether we offer anything in addition to ideas, as lovely as they are, hopefully this will satisfy your curiosity:

What We Offer

We are available for freelance work with the right client as a team or individually. You can see Thea’s portfolio here, and Gary’s portfolio here. We also have an extremely talented network of creative professionals in the game and advertising industries, who we collaborate with if the need arises.

user experience design

user interface design

interaction design


naming and identity

content writing

and of course, creative ideas for games, ad campaigns, or pretty much anything

Contact us if you’re interested in, or even vaguely curious about, any of the above services. Also, don’t forget to subscribe before you leave. If you’ve bothered reading this far, you’ll probably be sad if you miss our next post.