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Farmville 2020: Day of the Triffids

Its 2020. The building I live in has a vertical farm on the 5th floor deck. The garden is filled with sensors that make it a part of the larger Internet of Things. The sensors feed farming simulations that my neighbors and I play like a game. The garden feeds the people who play with […]
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Farmville vs. Everything

Farmville vs. Everything. 2004 - present day
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An apology to every manager I ever had

I’ve worked on videogames for the past nine years and on every one of these projects, scheduling was a fundamental issue. Maybe you’ve been there too; where it feels like there are two shifts. During the daytime shift, people talk about stuff and during the night shift (ooh taco truck tonight!) the people who talked […]
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4 drugs that should be legalized if necessary and used for brainstorming

I have a confession. It felt amazing when my hand brushed against yours - in a totally nonsexual way.
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LAIKA font blasts off into parametric space

Introducing LAIKA, a badass interactive typeface designed for Generation Y with the Processing development environment. Each character of the typeface can be adjusted in real time like a synthesizer. LAIKA is responsive to just about any input you can think of and uses a custom hardware control panel for manual control. Check out the interactive […]
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Typography is the DNA of graphic design

Symbiosis, by designer Jelte van Abbema uses literal DNA - a living ink of E coli bacteria - to print posters on agar coated paper.
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Monkey presses button monkey gets reward.

The mouse has been around for 40 years and all we tend to do with it is move it from anchor to anchor and click the thing like a primate trapped in a feedback loop. Monkey presses button. Monkey gets reward. Modern interaction design suggests greater possibilities, but that’s just theory. In practice we use […]
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