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5 things I learned from New Mexico public schools in the 90s

4. Being smart sucks. And by smart I mean "able to pass a basic English literacy test".
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Can UX get my cat to water a houseplant?

I think about UX every day when trying to get people to do things they have no interest in, like give my company money, but can UX get a cat to do something he has no interest in? Fundamentally, he's still a user, right?
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How is a social network like a laser?

Vik Sohal, co-founder of Pixelux Entertainment, shares his thoughts.
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Rich language: when words become more than letters

What's the difference between wireless communication and telepathy? Buttons.
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User centered education, and why you’re not an astronaut

As soon as something is relevant to what you're interested in and has a clearly defined purpose - not something intangible like "getting an A" - it's easier to learn and a hell of a lot more interesting.
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The article as art form

How would you design differently for a single article versus a whole magazine? How about on an iPad?
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How to write copy (and why no one should get paid for it)

Number 3: Don't be afraid to tell grammar to suck itself.
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