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Personalized advertising and the end of the salesman

In advertising, we've spent a lot of energy researching consumers. Unfortunately the new technologies we've created to learn all we can about consumers are about to screw us over.
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Vizio’s Superbowl ad by Venables Bell + Partners, and why it made us feel sad and awkward

TV, you're like the dude who keeps hanging out in front of the high school after everyone you know has graduated. Move on. Stop trying to be something you're not.
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Why creative people are really really really important

The rate of change and the level of complexity have come to a point where nothing is ever finished, because in between the prediction of a successful product and it's launch, everything's changed.
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Every other unboxing video ever has just been totally pwned by ninjas

It's a video with ninjas. Just freakin click it.
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The best advertising doesn’t sell. It makes stuff better.

Advertising sucks. The ads you think don't suck have parts that aren't advertising, and those are the parts that don't suck.
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Usability issues can’t be solved with ads

New Mexico's drinking and driving problem will never be solved with advertising, no matter how good it is.
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11 ways haptics will rock your digital world

And by "rock" I mean make it feel tingly.
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