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Augmented reality gets fun and sexy in SF

The Give Me More augmented reality showcase at swissnex. We checked it out, got wasted and took some crappy cell phone pictures for you. You're welcome.
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Is augmented reality “overblown”?

Chris Dannen of Fast Company argued yesterday that "Augmented Reality Is Overblown". Dems fightin words, Chris.
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Could video games replace advertising?

We now have technology that will let gamers virtually log in to real race tracks, during real races, and compete against pros from the comfort of their crumb-scattered couches. Gamers will pay (and probably well) for this privilege.
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Girls with ice cream truck make us wish real Photoshop glasses were actually possible

As if we haven’t all already effing thought of this. Found on Leo Burnett Blog.
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Immersion as a state of mind

Chris O’Shea’s Hand From Above installation plays with crowd behavior using blob tracking software to process surveillance and feed it back to the crowd on a 25 meter screen.
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Fun with AR: Strangers on a (BART) Train

Augmented reality poses all kinds of exciting opportunities for gaming and advertising alike. However, we sometimes like to ignore those and think about what can go horribly, horribly wrong. (Click for a readable size.)
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Imagine a world where everything fits right. And matches.

Take that, stupid Ikea coffee table that I'm always stubbing my toe on.
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