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DNA, designer

Whatever project you're working on now has one basic goal in common with DNA.
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A brief metaphorical interlude

The work of Michael Johansson as a metaphor for UXD and interaction design.
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How to use a blog to turn your monstrosity of a website into something nice

You have a buttload of information and it's only getting harder and harder for the people who need it most to find. Here's a quick and dirty solution.
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New swarm display could replace fireworks – if it exploded

MIT’s Flyfire promises a lot of things. 3d digital displays. Ads that can stalk you in a dark alley. The most awesome UFO hoaxes ever. But will it replace fireworks? NEVER.
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The copywriter/art director team for the digital ad agency

Can we make the old team dynamic apply to the unique challenges of digital?
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EA Criterion designer Richard Franke on zombies, gamers, and “shiny brightly coloured things”

Startopia, NFL Street, Black and Burnout 3: Takedown are just some of the titles that have known the pleasure of having Richard Franke's name in the credits.
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You have no freaking idea how much I want glowing wallpaper

In it's latest incarnation, electronic wallpaper is more practical than ever. Here's 10 things I would do with it.
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