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Driving, you suck and we hate you.

Driving sucks. And not in a guns-don't-kill-people-people-kill-people way, but in a holy-mother-of-god-I-just-caused-a-six-car-pileup-because-I-stopped-paying-attention-for-two-frakking-seconds kind of way.
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A napping UX win

There's really only one thing to blog about on a cold, stormy day, waiting for the dryer to finish so you can curl up in some warm pajamas with a hot chocolate and finish reading Diamond Age: a cozy, space-age sleeping cocoon.
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The best advertising doesn’t sell. It makes stuff better.

Advertising sucks. The ads you think don't suck have parts that aren't advertising, and those are the parts that don't suck.
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The rise of infographics and the future of search

The kind of search you can use when you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Which Google sucks at.
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7 ways to improve the Christmas user experience

If Facebook ads know that I love cupcakes, it can't be that hard to figure out what frakking holiday I celebrate.
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11 ways haptics will rock your digital world

And by "rock" I mean make it feel tingly.
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Square and the Death of Cash

Square, as well as being amazingly convenient-sounding and brilliantly obvious, looks like it might also be the herald of the eventual, necessary, death of cash.
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