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Rich language: when words become more than letters

What's the difference between wireless communication and telepathy? Buttons.
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User centered education, and why you’re not an astronaut

As soon as something is relevant to what you're interested in and has a clearly defined purpose - not something intangible like "getting an A" - it's easier to learn and a hell of a lot more interesting.
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The article as art form

How would you design differently for a single article versus a whole magazine? How about on an iPad?
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History and science fiction: their powers combined!

In which Thea proposes making history class more interesting by incorporating light sabers and shit.
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How robots are making us more human

In a world where the vast majority of information we encounter comes from people who, as far as we know, are just electrons, how do we determine humanness? And what happens when that doesn't work anymore?
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The Experience Points Economy

Experience points are quickly becoming as valuable as real money. What happens when they exceed it?
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Email must die

We're all getting more connected all the time. More connections equals more communications. Too many communications and we get nothing else done.
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