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How user experience design will kill the technology gap

As technology improves, so does its user interface.
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You have no freaking idea how much I want glowing wallpaper

In it's latest incarnation, electronic wallpaper is more practical than ever. Here's 10 things I would do with it.
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How our machines are making humans who can make better machines

In which Thea watches all of Battlestar Galactica in one three-week sitting.
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Driving, you suck and we hate you.

Driving sucks. And not in a guns-don't-kill-people-people-kill-people way, but in a holy-mother-of-god-I-just-caused-a-six-car-pileup-because-I-stopped-paying-attention-for-two-frakking-seconds kind of way.
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Rat Race 2020: “Let’s start with the assumption that people are amazing.”

Four-day work weeks? Wii Marketing? Robot slaves? What will work be like ten years from now?
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Farmville 2020: Day of the Triffids

Its 2020. The building I live in has a vertical farm on the 5th floor deck. The garden is filled with sensors that make it a part of the larger Internet of Things. The sensors feed farming simulations that my neighbors and I play like a game. The garden feeds the people who play with […]
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Could video games replace advertising?

We now have technology that will let gamers virtually log in to real race tracks, during real races, and compete against pros from the comfort of their crumb-scattered couches. Gamers will pay (and probably well) for this privilege.
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