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Design lessons from getting married (and why we’ve been all flakey and lame for three months)

We just got married. It was awesome. It was also the most massive, insane design project I've ever worked on.
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The imagination mechanism

In which Thea makes sweeping assumptions about religion and human history. Again.
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DNA, designer

Whatever project you're working on now has one basic goal in common with DNA.
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The Experience Points Economy

Experience points are quickly becoming as valuable as real money. What happens when they exceed it?
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6 things you could do with mobile radar (that probably won’t kill anyone)

It's a great tool for telling how fast some guy pacing around in your office is going, robot armor and smart windshield HUDs. But what else could it be used for?
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You have no freaking idea how much I want glowing wallpaper

In it's latest incarnation, electronic wallpaper is more practical than ever. Here's 10 things I would do with it.
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Why creative people are really really really important

The rate of change and the level of complexity have come to a point where nothing is ever finished, because in between the prediction of a successful product and it's launch, everything's changed.
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