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How is a social network like a laser?

Vik Sohal, co-founder of Pixelux Entertainment, shares his thoughts.
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DNA, designer

Whatever project you're working on now has one basic goal in common with DNA.
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How robots are making us more human

In a world where the vast majority of information we encounter comes from people who, as far as we know, are just electrons, how do we determine humanness? And what happens when that doesn't work anymore?
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The Experience Points Economy

Experience points are quickly becoming as valuable as real money. What happens when they exceed it?
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Email must die

We're all getting more connected all the time. More connections equals more communications. Too many communications and we get nothing else done.
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Why creative people are really really really important

The rate of change and the level of complexity have come to a point where nothing is ever finished, because in between the prediction of a successful product and it's launch, everything's changed.
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Farmville vs. Everything

Farmville vs. Everything. 2004 - present day
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