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On privacy, and why you’re better off without it

The fact is, this isn't some dystopian future where a single entity has the dirt on all of us. We all have the dirt on all of us.
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10 predictions for the next decade

Space elevator? World peace? Robot brand ambassadors? Remember - you saw it here first.
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The conversation economy, part 2: there is no conversation economy

I was wrong. As it turns out, conversations are just another kind of experience. I will now be using the term “experience economy”. I like it better. Joseph Pine on what consumers want | Video on
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Millions of players, millions of opportunities to destroy the moral fiber of America.

When it was just teenagers and fat people playing games, America complained nonstop about gore, hookers, and questionable ethics promoted by the industry for the sake of what some would call “fun”. But now, with casual games reaching every asshole with an internet connection, where are these supposed moral voices? The moms? The feminists? The […]
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What the hell is the Conversation Economy, part 1

Jesus loved conversations. And dinosaurs. Man would I like to have a beer with that dude.
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Creating the right environment for life

What do viral marketing, social gaming and biology have in common?
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The power of individuals (or at least individual billionaires)

Governments all over the world are seeming less and less capable of solving the major issues facing our world. Why?
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