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How to use a blog to turn your monstrosity of a website into something nice

You have a buttload of information and it's only getting harder and harder for the people who need it most to find. Here's a quick and dirty solution.
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The copywriter/art director team for the digital ad agency

Can we make the old team dynamic apply to the unique challenges of digital?
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The conversation economy, part 2: there is no conversation economy

I was wrong. As it turns out, conversations are just another kind of experience. I will now be using the term “experience economy”. I like it better. Joseph Pine on what consumers want | Video on
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Why no one will ever care about the boring, complicated crap you’re working on

"Sesame Street was built around a single, breakthrough insight: that if you can hold the attention of children, you can educate them" - Malcolm Gladwell
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Review: makes us like Cramer-Krasselt, still hate cars

Eff you Porsche, great website, and bite me.
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Monkey presses button monkey gets reward.

The mouse has been around for 40 years and all we tend to do with it is move it from anchor to anchor and click the thing like a primate trapped in a feedback loop. Monkey presses button. Monkey gets reward. Modern interaction design suggests greater possibilities, but that’s just theory. In practice we use […]
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Yahoo is doin it rong

1. Give up on search. Yeah, it makes me kinda sad, too. Search is just not your thing, Yahoo. Your thing is homepages.
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