A copywriter goes back to school for web design. Hilarity ensues.

Apparently this doesn't fly.

Why? Why, oh why would you put yourself through that, Thea? You know you suck at design. You’ve got a perfectly good career. What do you think you’re doing? Read More »

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Wired for iPad: really exciting for advertisers, kinda meh for everyone else

Ads get blurbs in the table of contents! Copywriters everywhere clap excitedly. Like sea lions.

I downloaded Wired for iPad the other day. Read More »

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Design lessons from getting married (and why we’ve been all flakey and lame for three months)

As some readers may already know (hi Mom), we just got married. It was awesome. It was also the most massive, insane design project I’ve ever worked on. Read More »

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History and science fiction: their powers combined!

"The Pie From Another Dimension" via Nimoy Sunset Pie

If you’ve ever gone back and re-watched an entire science fiction TV series from the past (TNG season 7 right now suckas) then you may have noticed subtle anachromisms. “What the hell is Kirk using a fax machine for?” “Seriously why don’t they just print Picard a new heart?” “Oooh, if only they had Google. Those poor bastards.” Read More »

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Why everyone everywhere should have a camera (and no, it’s not to take pictures)

I got my first camera when I was about six. It looked a bit like the oneĀ  in the picture to the left. It took crappy pictures (though admittedly being used by a six-year-old may have had something to do with that) and it used a kind of film that you can’t find anymore, but it did something for me that had nothing to do with photography. Read More »

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The imagination mechanism

All religions have one thing in common: they teach you that if you imagine someone else dealing with an issue, then the issue will be resolved. We pray. We talk to the spirits. We call the four quarters. Whatever.

This is useful for situations we have no control over. By assigning the problem to someone else, we don’t have to worry about it anymore. Done and done.

Carl Sagan understood the power of imagination. HE WAS AWESOME

Carl Sagan understood the power of imagination. HE WAS AWESOME

But why does it work? As a social species, we depend on others to handle things all the time. We can relax and get back to probing for termites when we know someone else is looking out for predators. Our brains developed to this level in groups – not alone. Their full functionality, therefore, can only be expressed in a group setting. Read More »

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Why engagement is a sucky goal for a landing page

One drawback of freelancing as a content writer is that you often get brought into projects somewhere in the middle, after the assigned writer has realized there just isn’t any effing time to get everything done.

Hey look! Users are easily distracted. Make whatever you want them to do really easy for them to do, or they won't do it.

This happened to me recently. The landing page had already been designed, and all I had to do was fill in the lorem ipsum. (Another horrendously wrong way to make a website, for the record.) It was a complicated project, and the team’s first time working on a digital project that large. Read More »

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