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Rich language: when words become more than letters

What's the difference between wireless communication and telepathy? Buttons.
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How to write copy (and why no one should get paid for it)

Number 3: Don't be afraid to tell grammar to suck itself.
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A copywriter goes back to school for web design. Hilarity ensues.

You've got a perfectly good career. What do you think you're doing? Also, you suck at this.
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Wired for iPad: really exciting for advertisers, kinda meh for everyone else

iPad magazines are every ad creative's wet dream. Also, apparently, some kind of electronic magazine.
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Design lessons from getting married (and why we’ve been all flakey and lame for three months)

We just got married. It was awesome. It was also the most massive, insane design project I've ever worked on.
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Why everyone everywhere should have a camera (and no, it’s not to take pictures)

I got my first camera when I was about six. As soon as I looked through the tiny plastic viewfinder, something changed.
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The imagination mechanism

In which Thea makes sweeping assumptions about religion and human history. Again.
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