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5 things I learned from New Mexico public schools in the 90s

4. Being smart sucks. And by smart I mean "able to pass a basic English literacy test".
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User centered education, and why you’re not an astronaut

As soon as something is relevant to what you're interested in and has a clearly defined purpose - not something intangible like "getting an A" - it's easier to learn and a hell of a lot more interesting.
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A copywriter goes back to school for web design. Hilarity ensues.

You've got a perfectly good career. What do you think you're doing? Also, you suck at this.
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History and science fiction: their powers combined!

In which Thea proposes making history class more interesting by incorporating light sabers and shit.
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Why everyone everywhere should have a camera (and no, it’s not to take pictures)

I got my first camera when I was about six. As soon as I looked through the tiny plastic viewfinder, something changed.
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The imagination mechanism

In which Thea makes sweeping assumptions about religion and human history. Again.
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What casual gaming can teach us about educating underprivileged women

Getting women to school has been the challenge that organizations like The Girl Effect have been contemplating for years. But maybe the answer isn't school at all.
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