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How to write copy (and why no one should get paid for it)

Number 3: Don't be afraid to tell grammar to suck itself.
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Wired for iPad: really exciting for advertisers, kinda meh for everyone else

iPad magazines are every ad creative's wet dream. Also, apparently, some kind of electronic magazine.
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History and science fiction: their powers combined!

In which Thea proposes making history class more interesting by incorporating light sabers and shit.
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New swarm display could replace fireworks – if it exploded

MIT’s Flyfire promises a lot of things. 3d digital displays. Ads that can stalk you in a dark alley. The most awesome UFO hoaxes ever. But will it replace fireworks? NEVER.
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How Many Billboards: MAK Center replaces crappy ads with crappy art

Artists in LA apparently have to buy ad space just get anyone to look at their work.
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6 things you could do with mobile radar (that probably won’t kill anyone)

It's a great tool for telling how fast some guy pacing around in your office is going, robot armor and smart windshield HUDs. But what else could it be used for?
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Vizio’s Superbowl ad by Venables Bell + Partners, and why it made us feel sad and awkward

TV, you're like the dude who keeps hanging out in front of the high school after everyone you know has graduated. Move on. Stop trying to be something you're not.
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