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%*#!ing mixed feelings on profanity

Crap%*#!er. Just think about that word. Its hilarious! Come on.
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Usability issues can’t be solved with ads

New Mexico's drinking and driving problem will never be solved with advertising, no matter how good it is.
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10 predictions for the next decade

Space elevator? World peace? Robot brand ambassadors? Remember - you saw it here first.
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4 drugs that should be legalized if necessary and used for brainstorming

I have a confession. It felt amazing when my hand brushed against yours - in a totally nonsexual way.
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Monkey presses button monkey gets reward.

The mouse has been around for 40 years and all we tend to do with it is move it from anchor to anchor and click the thing like a primate trapped in a feedback loop. Monkey presses button. Monkey gets reward. Modern interaction design suggests greater possibilities, but that’s just theory. In practice we use […]
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