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The article as art form

How would you design differently for a single article versus a whole magazine? How about on an iPad?
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Why everyone everywhere should have a camera (and no, it’s not to take pictures)

I got my first camera when I was about six. As soon as I looked through the tiny plastic viewfinder, something changed.
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The imagination mechanism

In which Thea makes sweeping assumptions about religion and human history. Again.
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A brief metaphorical interlude

The work of Michael Johansson as a metaphor for UXD and interaction design.
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How robots are making us more human

In a world where the vast majority of information we encounter comes from people who, as far as we know, are just electrons, how do we determine humanness? And what happens when that doesn't work anymore?
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How outsourced content could save magazines and piss off a lot of content writers

Is the shift from branded content to contented brand really practical?
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How Many Billboards: MAK Center replaces crappy ads with crappy art

Artists in LA apparently have to buy ad space just get anyone to look at their work.
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