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The Experience Points Economy

Experience points are quickly becoming as valuable as real money. What happens when they exceed it?
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EA Criterion designer Richard Franke on zombies, gamers, and “shiny brightly coloured things”

Startopia, NFL Street, Black and Burnout 3: Takedown are just some of the titles that have known the pleasure of having Richard Franke's name in the credits.
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Why creative people are really really really important

The rate of change and the level of complexity have come to a point where nothing is ever finished, because in between the prediction of a successful product and it's launch, everything's changed.
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Farmville 2020: Day of the Triffids

Its 2020. The building I live in has a vertical farm on the 5th floor deck. The garden is filled with sensors that make it a part of the larger Internet of Things. The sensors feed farming simulations that my neighbors and I play like a game. The garden feeds the people who play with […]
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What casual gaming can teach us about educating underprivileged women

Getting women to school has been the challenge that organizations like The Girl Effect have been contemplating for years. But maybe the answer isn't school at all.
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Farmville vs. Everything

Farmville vs. Everything. 2004 - present day
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Stuff we make makes stuff more fun.

Games that people are still playing after decades have something in common: user-generated content.
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