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Stuff we make makes stuff more fun.

Games that people are still playing after decades have something in common: user-generated content.
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11 ways haptics will rock your digital world

And by "rock" I mean make it feel tingly.
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10 predictions for the next decade

Space elevator? World peace? Robot brand ambassadors? Remember - you saw it here first.
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What would a creative brief for a video game look like?

Advertising creative briefs (good ones anyway,) are an extremely effective starting point for a successful, relevant project. A brief for a video game should be the same thing.
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The conversation economy, part 2: there is no conversation economy

I was wrong. As it turns out, conversations are just another kind of experience. I will now be using the term “experience economy”. I like it better. Joseph Pine on what consumers want | Video on TED.com.
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An apology to every manager I ever had

I’ve worked on videogames for the past nine years and on every one of these projects, scheduling was a fundamental issue. Maybe you’ve been there too; where it feels like there are two shifts. During the daytime shift, people talk about stuff and during the night shift (ooh taco truck tonight!) the people who talked […]
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Why no one will ever care about the boring, complicated crap you’re working on

"Sesame Street was built around a single, breakthrough insight: that if you can hold the attention of children, you can educate them" - Malcolm Gladwell
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